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Technifin Fin Tube Type G

TECHNIFIN® Type “G” / “Embedded”

The fin strip is wound into a mechanically produced groove and tightened by backfilling of the base material under pressure. Groove depth 0.4 mm.
High fin stability, excellent heat transfer, high operating temperature.


Core Tube
Carbon steels, low-alloy steels, stainless steels, brass, copper, copper-nickel alloys, aluminium bronze, nickel-alloys (Alloy 400, etc.), bimetal, titanium and others

Aluminium / Copper / Steel / Galvanized Steel


  • the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries
  • natural gas treatment
  • the steel industry: blast furnace and converter systems
  • power generation: steam turbine exhaust condensing
    • contact condensing with cooling of circulating condensate
    • fossil and nuclear power plants
  • air conditioning (freon, ammonia, propane)
  • incineration of household refuse
  • compressor coolers
  • etc.

The manufacturing tool is made up of 2 non-cutting plates set at 90° to the axis of the base tube. The first plate effects a groove for metal spinning. The second directs the ribbon in the groove and sets the fin foot in the groove through pressure on the metal displaced for the groove.A similar plate made of tungsten carbure allows us to manufacture G finned tubes with base tubes made of austenitic steel or exotic alloys.


  1. Thermal
    The fin/tube wall contact is constant because of the setting and makes it possible to use a wall temperature of up to 400° C.
  2. Mechanical
    The fin is set throughout its length and consequently does not unwind even when partially uprooted.

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