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TPS does not only produce and stock straight seamless and welded tubes. We also manufacture U-Tubes for use in heat exchangers, condensers, pre-heaters and other applications. These U-Tubes are made in accordance with requirements of TEMA RCB-2.31, ASTM A / ASME SA 688, DIN 28179, ASTM B / ASME SB 163, other statutory requirements or specifications.

Besides the classic U-Shape, we can also supply more complex and individual tube and pipe bendings for a wide range of applications.

5 excellent reasons to buy U-Tubes from TPS

You save money and time
  • You only have one contact person
  • You avoid transport damages to the long initial tubes on the way to the bending company
  • You do not have to pay extra costs for the carriage to the bending company
  • You benefit from time savings due to the parallel production of the initial tubes and the U-tubes
  • You may request spare tubes, which we stock for you
  • You save space and time for assembling the heat exchangers as the U-tubes can be removed radius-wise from the wooden combs
High surface Quality
  • You receive tubes which are free from oil and grease as well as free from debris
  • You receive a metallic bright surface without discolouration on the inner and outer tube
Professional heat treatment of bending area
  • You can choose between solution or stress relief annealing depending on the material standard
  • On demand, we also include the annealing charts
Safe and smart packing
  • The U-tubes are secured to the transport-rack using wooden combs in order to avoid damage
  • Your incoming material inspection is faster and more efficient due to the accurate packing sorted by radius
Highest Quality
  • You receive a detailed test certificate with all the important measures of the bend along with the inspection certificate 3.1
  • You are given a warranty of up to 3 years*

* In line with our general terms and conditions of sale we guarantee defect free materials and good workmanship

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