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Double Shoulder Drill Pipe Connection

TPS Double Shoulder Drill Pipe

Double Shoulder Connections

Double Shoulder Connections are particularly suited for difficult operations, such as extended and deep drilling, horizontal and slim hole wells. TPS-DS (Double Shoulder) offers many advantages compared to Standard API Drill Pipe connections.

Key facts and advantages:

  • Fully interchangeable with API NC or FH connections
  • Increased torque capacity and hydraulic efficiency
  • Extended product life time


Improved safety & performance

Due to higher torque capacity

Increased torque capacity

Thanks to a second, internal shoulder, the torque distribution throughout the connection is improved.This enables the connection to cope with higher torsional loads.

Compatible with API connections

TPS-DS connections are fully interchangeable with API NC or FH connections. Please see below table for more info. During make-up with standard connections, the internal shoulder of TPS-DS will not get in contact with the back of the API connection. This means that you can still use existing BHA equipment (Please consider that the performance is limited to the properties of the weaker connection in such cases).

TPS-DS connection Compatible API connection
TPS-DS SLH 2 3/8 SLH90
TPS-DS 26 NC26
TPS-DS 31 NC31
TPS-DS 38 NC38
TPS-DS 40 NC40
TPS-DS 46 NC46
TPS-DS 50 NC50
TPS-DS 55 5 ½ FH
Cost savings

The same equipment as for standard API connections can be used for make-up and running. Shorter make-up times can be realized.

Increased hydraulic efficiency

The Flush ID of TPS-DS connections results in a better hydraulic Efficiency. Additionally, it can be produced with smaller OD/larger ID while still offering the same torsional capacities than standard API connections.

Extended product lifetime by allowing more OD wear

The TPS-DS connection can provide the same torque capacity at a smaller OD compared to standard API Drill Pipe connections. As a result, it can be used longer before being declared as Premium Class or Class II.

TPS-DS Performance characteristics
Connection OD (in) ID (in) Tensile Capacity (lbs) Torsional Capacity (ft-lbs) Recommended Make-up Torque (ft-lbs)*
TPS-DS SLH 3.25 2 219,600 7,200 4,700
TPS-DS 26 3.125 1.25 493,000 8,100 4,800
TPS-DS 31 4.125 2 537,000 18,600 11,200
TPS-DS 38 4.875 2.563 703,300 27,800 16,700
TPS-DS 40 5.25 2.688 841,100 35,400 21,200
TPS-DS 46 6.25 3.25 976,300 46,300 27,800
TPS-DS 50 5.625 3.25 1,374,700 77,800 46,700
TPS-DS 55 7 4 1,371,300 79,000 47,400

* calculated for Tool Joints with 130 ksi yield strength. More data available on request.

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