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Pup Joints from stock or new production

A Pup Joint is a shorter versions of tubing and casing, used to adjust the length of a string to it´s exact requirements.

Pup Joints are shorter versions of tubing and casing, used to adjust the length of a string to it´s exact requirements.

There are many different cases where Pup Joints are necessary:
  • to reach an exact reservoir depth
  • for setting packers at an exact location within the borehole
  • to space out your string prior to hanging it
Benefits of Pup Joints:

Pup Joints are a mandatory part of equipment in almost any well. Due to their shorter length, they are typically easier to handle and to use. At the same time, they provide the same performance as the tubing/casing/drill pipe that they are attached to.

These advantages do TPS Pup Joints offer you!
  • You have access to the biggest Tubing Pup Joint stock in Europe, more than 3.500 pcs ready on stock
  • You get TPS Pup Joints with premium & standard connections
  • TPS is your specialized partner that can realize individual requirements
  • You get even single pieces, either from stock or from new production
  • You get Pup Joints directly from the mill, which reduces costs & purchasing coordination
  • Huge stock of prematerial to realize quick deliveries from individual new production for your needs
  • TPS uses the most modern production facilities for inside & outside machining
  • Fabrication in any length and single piece weight of 8 tons possible
Pup Joints specifications
Connections: TPS-TOPSEAL – Superior Performance T&C Connection
TPS MULTISEAL – integral premium connection with up to 3 recuts!
TPS TECHNISEAL – premium coupling connection
API EU, NU, BTC, LTC – standard API coupling connections
DRILL PIPE – Drill Pipe Pup Joints with standard API connections
And of course combinations of the above and other proprietary connections!
Outside Diameter: 1.050″ – 5 1/2″
Weight: standard and heavy wall
Grades: Standard grades J-55, N/L-80, P-110, C-95SS
Sour service grade T-95
High chromium grades 13Cr80, 13Cr95
Other grades available on request!
Lengths: Any length starting from 1 ft up to 20 ft


Need Pup Joints urgently? We stock them!

We have set up the biggest Tubing Pup Joint stock in Europe with more than 3.500 Pup Joints ready on the shelf.
Starting from Macaroni Tubing sizes up to heavy wall test strings and with different connections we offer a huge range of specifications.
And in case we should not stock exactly the Pup Joints you need, you can count on our fast supply service thanks to our big stock of prematerial.

Contact our sales team today to see what we can do for you!

In case you should require repair of your equipment or a single piece of accessory, please get in touch with our licensed thread repair workshops.

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