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The famous 2-step premium gastight integral upset connection.

TPS MULTISEAL-TS-8, TS-6 and TS-4 connections are suitable for service in the most severe well conditions such as HP/HT, deviated, horizontal, deep wells and corrosive environments. It is the preferred connection for work-, test, or fracstring applications.

It offers significant advantages, such as:

Extended Product lifetime

Our tubing is available with extra long upsets, which allows re-threading up to 3-times. Rethreading is possible in our mill or in licenced thread repair workshops.


Interchangeable with other 2-step integral upset connections

Proven design – highest performance

TPS Multiseal is field proven since decades and tested in acc. with ISO 13679:2002 CAL IV.

The connection tension efficiency meets or exceeds the pipe body.

Time saving

Quick and easy make up due to the 2-step design


Suitable for multiple make ups

Highest Quality

You can rely on 40 years of experience and quality – Made in Germany

Available modifications:

  • TR – internal teflon seal ring perfect for internal coating
  • Special clearance
  • Matched strength

We carry the most popular sizes and grades on stock for immediate supply. Click here for more information!

All standard range lengths, as well as special lengths and accessories are can be supplied (e. g. Pup Joints, X-Over, Flow Couplings, Blast Joints etc.).

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