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TPS Optiflow

TPS Optiflow® - Tubing and Casing Internal Flush Type Resilient Seal Connection

TPS Optiflow® – Tubing and Casing Internal Flush Type Resilient Seal Connection

TPS OPTIFLOW® is the recommended economic tubing and casing connection. Suitable for all applications where flow turbulences have to be eliminated and internally coated pipe is to be used.

We recommend the use of TPS OPTIFLOW® couplings together with Original TPS Tubing or TPS Casing. These are supplied with a make-up triangle for easy and exact power tight make up.

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Improved hydraulic properties
  • Reduction of deposits
  • Purity of liquids
  • Pin to pin recess bridge eliminates flow turbulences by its practically smooth transition area.
  • Specially profiled teflon seal ring in the strongest part of the coupling impedes attack from the medium on the threaded area.
  • PTFE seal ring also protects the pipe and coupling coating from damage during power tight make up.
Example Applications
  • Tubing for crude oil production
  • Internally coated tubing for crude oil production
  • internally coated injection line
  • internally coated production casing
  • salt water transportation
  • refill pipe for refilling mining galleries in salt mines
  • transportation of granulate horizontally as well as vertically in the mining industry

The following sizes and connections are included in our delivery program:

Non upset tubing (NU-Optiflow)
1,9″ – 3 1/2″ 10 round threads per inch
4″ – 4 1/2″ 8 round threads per inch
External upset tubing (EU-Optiflow)
1,9″ 10 round threads per inch
2 3/8″ – 4 1/2″ 8 round threads per inch
Casing (BC-Optiflow)
4 1/2″ – 13 3/8 5 threads per inch / Buttress

Available modifications:

  • Special clearance
  • 20° Special bevel couplings

All standard range length, as well as special length and accessories are applicable to delivery (e. g. Pup Joints, X-Over, Flow Couplings, Blast Joints).

We carry the most popular sizes and grades on stock for immediate supply.

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