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Titan Grade 12 - EN/DIN 3.7105

Titan Grade 12 is a low alloy titanium, which was developed for the chemical industry. It has the same advantages as pure titanium plus an improved corrosion resistance, especially in chlorid containing media.

As one of the worldwide biggest manufacturer and stockist of Titan Grade 12 we supply this Material to many different industries such as oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and other industries.

TPS Technitube Roehrenwerke GmbH supplies Titan Grade 12 in a big variety of forms incl.:


Chemical Analysis

C ≤ 0,08% Ti = Rest
Mo -0,002 Fe ≤ 0,30%
Ni -0,003 O ≤ 0,25%
N ≤ 0,03% H ≤ 0,015%



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