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TP 316/TP 316L | UNS S31600/31603 | TPS-INOX-4401/4404-316/316L

These grades belong to the family of 17%Cr12-13%Ni steels containing 2,0-3,0% Mo. This standard grade is used where specific attributes of other members of the family are not necessary – eg. no likelihood of intercrystalline corrosion caused by welding. Special for TP 316L, low carbon content, minimizes chromium carbide preciptation and improves resistance to intercrystalline corrosion. After TP 304/304L type steels, these TP 316/316L grades are the most widely used austenitics. Good high temperature oxidation resistance up to 900°C. In the damp industrial or onshore atmospheres of Europe, they perform better than TP 304/304L and ferritic grades. In low temperature seawater they offer limited resistance to pitting but are susceptible to crevice attack. Their short- and longtime properties at elevated temperatures are also superior to those of comparable TP 304/304L grades. Main applications: Pipe and heat exchanger tubes in chemical and petrochemical plant, in boilers and food industry.

  • Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • Boiler Tubes & Pipes
  • Line Pipes
  • Hydraulic Tubes
  • Instrumentation Tubes
  • Structural Pipes
  • Mechanical Tubes & Pipes

TPS Technitube supplies TP 316/TP 316L | UNS S31600/31603 in a big variety of forms incl.:

Chemical Composition

C = 0.035 % max S = 0.030 % max
Si = 0,75 % max Ni = 8.00-13.00 %
Mn = 2.00 % max Cr = 18.00-20.00 %
P = 0.040 % max

Mechanical properties all at room temperature

Elongation in 2 in or 50 mm, (or 4D), min 40%
YS min
KSI (MPa) = 30[205]
TS min
KSI [MPa] = 75[515]
El. Min 35



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