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It’s the small things that make the difference -Macaroni tubings have an OD of 1.050” up to 2 1/16” and are used for workovers, injections and many other applications.TPS Technitube Röhrenwerke GmbH is one of the leading companies for premium Macaroni Tubing.We can realize individual requirements from new production and hold a mill stock of 250.000 ft of Macaroni tubing and matching Pup Joints, ready for immediate delivery!

What advantages do TPS Macaroni Tubing offer you?

  • You get TPS Macaroni with premium & standard connections
  • You have access to the biggest Macaroni Tubing stock in Europe with more than 250.000 ft of pipes
  • Pup Joints available from stock
  • TPS MULTISEAL Macaroni Tubing is available with up to 3 recuts, which increases product life and reduces costs
  • TPS is your specialized partner that can realize individual requirements
  • Small quantities and single pieces can be supplied from stock
  • We use only highest quality prematerials & finishing in Germany

TPS OCTG Premium Macaroni ex stock !

OD lb/ft Grade Connection
1,315 1,80 L-80 MS TS-8 up to 3 recuts!
1,315 1,80 L-80 MS TS-8 up to 3 recuts!
1,315 1,80 L-80 MS TS-8 up to 3 recuts!
1,315 1,80 L-80 MS TS-8 up to 3 recuts!
1,315 1,80 L-80 MS TS-8 up to 3 recuts!

Available connections:

  • TPS-MULTISEAL-TS-8 – ON STOCK integral premium connection with up to 3 recuts!
  • API EU / NU: standard API coupling connections
  • API IJ : standard non-upset integral connection

Available sizes:

  • 1.050”
  • 1.315” – ON STOCK
  • 1.66” – ON STOCK
  • 1.9” – ON STOCK
  • 2 1/16“

In any standard wall thickness

Available Grades:

  • J-55
  • N/L-80 – ON STOCK
  • P-110 – ON STOCK
  • Sour Service Grade T-95, C-95 SS

Other grades available on request!

Available lengths:

1 ft up to Range 3

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