TechniStock OCTG

TechniStock OCTG

Europe`s biggest mill stock of tubing and accessories!

TPS Technitube Röhrenwerke GmbH is your partner for urgent and flexible solutions.

We keep a stock of several thousand tons of tubing in different sizes, grades and connections. For most of them we also have wide range of Pup Joints available, so that you can get complete packages from one source.

Having a reliable partner like TPS on your side results in significant cost savings and increases the success of your operations considerably. Our stock, with covered and open stock area, is located in the Daun (Germany) at the heart of Europe. From here, we are able to deliver our stock materials worldwide in the shortest delays.

Our stock material covers the following grades and connections:

OD ppf Connection L-80 T-95 P-110
1.315" 1.80 Multiseal TS-8
1.66" 2.40 Multiseal TS-8
3.02 Multiseal TS-8
3.24 Multiseal TS-8
1.9" 2.90 Multiseal TS-8
3.64 Multiseal TS-8
4.19 Multiseal TS-8
2 3/8" 4.60 Techniseal
2 7/8" 6.40 Techniseal
7.90 Multiseal TS-6
8.70 Multiseal TS-6
3 1/2" 9.20 Techniseal
9.20 Topseal
12.95 Multiseal TS-6
15.80 Multiseal TS-6
4 1/2" 12.60 Techniseal
12.60 Techniseal
12.60 Topseal
15.50 Multiseal TS-6
19.20 Multiseal TS-6
24.00 Multiseal TS-4
5" 18.00 Techniseal

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