Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas industry

In the Oil and Gas industry, the reliability on the material used is crucial. A failure of components is not only expensive but, in the worst case, can have disastrous consequences. TPS tubes are filigree parts in the on- and off-shore sector, for example on oil and gas platforms or tankers, however, they are of high relevance for the secure and stable operation of the large plant.

With stainless steel tubes from TPS, all requirements are met in order to comply with the aggressive and partly adverse conditions such as extreme pressure, temperature or corrosion resistance.

nach den gängigen und notwendigen Zulassungen der Öl- und Gasindustrie zertifiziert

Our quality standard and the fact that we permanently strive for the enhancement of our processes and products is what you can rely on in order to guarantee constant performance and reliability. TPS stainless steel tubes are certified according to the common and necessary certifications of the oil and gas industry.

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