Pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical sector

Special fields of application such as the pharmaceutical sector require product characteristics which are far beyond the standard. This includes surface finish requirements of stainless steel tubes, especially within the following fields:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • High-purity media systems
  • Medical technology
  • Bio technology

As pharmaceutical agents are mainly made of liquid phase, the production depends on complex piping systems, which can be several 10.000 meters long. Failure-free logistic of the fluids is therefore essential for a smooth production process flow. Corrosion resistance and, above all, excellent cleanability are therefore crucial.

Innenrauigkeiten von bis zu Ra ≤ 0,4 μm

TPS tubes with an inside roughness of up to Ra ≤ 0,4 μm are well-suited for this scope of application and can also be used for electro-polishing. This process can reduce roughness by up to 50% making it possible to meet highest purity requirements.

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