The TPS MULTISEAL tubing and casing connection is an upset, two-step integral gastight premium connection offering field-proven performance since many years. In the TS-6 version, the TPS MULTISEAL connection is also compatible with Tenaris´ Hydril PH6.

It fulfils the highest requirements, combined with reliability and easy handling for use in the harshest well conditions, such as:

  • Gas wells at any stage during its operative lifetime
  • Workover and recompletion operations
  • Use as work-string, even on “live wells” (Snubbing)
  • Fracjobs
  • Applications where high-torque capacities are required

Additionally best suited for the following:

  • Wells with high temperature and/or high pressure conditions
  • Deviated and horizontal wells
  • Highly corrosive downhole environments
  • Deep wells


  • 14° metal to metal gas tight internal seal
  • 30° metal to metal gas tight internal external seal and torque shoulder
  • 90° torque shoulder and 30° seal and torque shoulder account for the prevention of overtorque
  • Two step improved non-tapered buttress type thread form
  • No thread interference , so no tendency to thread galling
  • Stable two thread flank stabbing prevents the possibility of cross threading
  • Fast make up
  • the smooth internal profile of the connection provides a constant transition between pin and box, helping to avoid turbulence, pressure losses and contributes to reduce the risk of corrosion to a minimum
  • The joint tension efficiency is greater than 100% for all con- nection sizes
  • The sealing capacity of the connection remains unaltered even after continuous make-and breaks

For special requirements, technical modifications to the standard requirements are available.


  • Extra long upsets for multiple re-threading are available upon request
  • TR option with an PTFE (Teflon) seal ring; for an all-round protection against corrosive media, internal coating is re- commended as an additional option to this
  • Special clearance; for extra clearance applications
  • Internal coating

The TPS MULTISEAL tubing can be produced in all API standard range lengths. Customer-specific lengths, pup- joints, X-overs and other accessories are also available. We keep the most frequently demanded sizes and grades on stock ready for immediate deliveries.

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