The TPS TECHNISEAL tubing and casing connection is a ver- satile, high performance, non-upset Premium gastight T&C connection.

It is suitable, but not limited, for use as a production tubing or intermediate casing in applications as:

  • Gas Wells
  • Wells with high temperature and/or high pressure conditions
  • Deep wells
  • Wells with deviated or horizontal profiles
  • Wells exposed to high cyclic loads due to production or stimulation (e.g. injection wells, thermally loaded wells)
  • sour Service applications

Main Features:

  • metal to metal gas tight seal (for tubing: 30° seal angle, for casing: 10% taper seal)
  • improved Buttress thread profile resistant to galling
  • a relief gap between pin crest and box root assures a flow path along the connection, thus avoiding the generation of potential pressure peaks and thus a potential early connec- tion failure and its sealing capacity due to trapped thread compound
  • coupling outside diameter often smaller than comparable sizes as per API specifications
  • the streamlined internal profile of the connection provides a constant transition between pin and box, helping to avoid turbulence, pressure losses and contributes to reduce the risk of corrosion to a minimum
  • long middle fillet inside the coupling allows for good stress distribution in the joint
  • joint tension efficiency of 100% with respect to the pipe body in the majority of usual applications*
  • superb make up properties due to wide and well defined torque values
  • superb make up properties due to wide and well defined torque values
  • For special requirements, technical modifications to the standard requirements are available

* except for some heavy wall casing


  • Matched strength; for 100% tensile efficiency of heavy wall casing
  • Special clearance; for extra clearance applications
  • Special bevel; 20° bevel
  • Resilient seal: PTFE (Teflon) ring seal
  • Internal coating

The TPS TECHNISEAL tubing can be produced in all API standard range lengths. Customer-specific lengths, pup- joints, X-overs and other accessories are also available. We keep the most frequently demanded sizes and grades on stock ready for immediate deliveries.

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