Ultrasonic test

Ultrasonic test

Ultrasound allows a non-destructive detection of defects that are not visible and mostly covered. Especially with safety-relevant components, ultrasonic testing therefore plays an important role.

For the inspection of your tubes, TPS-Technitube uses the latest ultrasonic technology. With an investment volume of almost 2 million euros, ultrasonic equipment was developed with our partner Baker Hughes which fulfils the highest testing requirements. TPS is therefore able to detect longitudinal and transverse imperfections in the tube wall over the entire tube length, already from a minimum notch length of 2 mm.

In addition, it can automatically be determined whether the wall thickness of your tubes is within the required tolerance range. This technology allows us to realise customer specific testing requirements and to meet the demanding requirements of the Automotive industry.

Ultrasonic test
Ultrasonic test

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