Austenitic steels

Austenitic steels

Stainless steels with an austenitic structure are characterised by an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, formability and durability. For this reason, they are used in various fields of application ranging from household appliances to the use in the chemical industry. Austenitic steels are also known as chromium-nickel steels as chromium and nickel are the main alloying elements.

Please find below an overview of the austenitic steels available at TPS.

Material overview

TPS-INOX 4301-304 S30400 1.4301 / 1.4307 TP304 Details
TPS-INOX 4306-304L S30403 1.4306 TP304L Details
S30409 1.4948 TP304H Details
TPS-INOX 4401/4404-316/316L S31600 / S31603 1.4401 / 1.4404 TP316 / TP316L Details
TPS-INOX 4435-316LMO S31603 1.4435 TP316LMo Details
TPS-INOX-316H S31609 1.4919 / 1.4918 TP316H Details
TPS-INOX 4571-316Ti S31635 1.4571 TP316Ti Details
1.4438 TP317L Details
TPS-INOX 4541-321 S32100 1.4541 TP321 Details
TPS-INOX 4878-321H S32109 1.4878 TP321H Details
1.4550 TP347 Details
TPS-INOX-4547-254 S31254 1.4547* Details

*Annealed at 1.100°C

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